Chicken – why does it hurt so bad

Why does it hurt so bad

Why do I feel so sad

Thought I was over you

But I keep crying

When I don’t love you

So why does it hurt so bad

I thought I had let you go

So why does it hurt me so

Earlier today a friend sent me a picture of a potato with a face on it because of my nickname for Mr Lemons mistress. I went to go find the picture that made me give her the nickname PotatoFace. I went on her FB and saw lots of posts of the two of them. It bothered me but just a little. I saw some things she posted that eh she’s dumb and petty. But it HURT when I saw his relatives that I was close to like and comment on posts where they were going out of town together. Relatives that have had their own experiences with infidelity. Relatives that told me I’d always be family. When I saw this I was getting my hair done. I didn’t say anything but even the stylist noticed something and kept asking me if I was okay.

Then I saw NASA today. We talked about some of the things I wanted to talk about but I didn’t ask him about us. I chickened out. He looked like he was on the verge of tears half of our date. My mind was still reeling from feeling betrayed by former relatives. I’m probably just going to text him about it which I hate doing but it’s the safe way out. Plus I need to get my head on straight first.

Finally as I get home from my lunch with NASA and crying on the way home when a client texted me that she took pills. Yup. She attempted suicide. She is thankfully okay but when it rains it pours in my life. Now it’s 9:30 and I’m going to bed because self care and sleep and avoidance.


One thought on “Chicken – why does it hurt so bad

  1. Tough day! [Opposite end of the spectrum, but] it hurts me to see my husband’s family members “like” or comment on things of his ex’s, after they know how much she hurt him and how horrible she was- and still is- to him! We’re not friends on social media but you know every now and then, searches happen out of boredom (Girl brain… ugh). And days get even worse when work things happen… ugh! Sorry you had a tough day… but today’s a new day! ❤

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