Not my ex…

I’m still struggling a bit with some aspects of Mr Lemon’s infidelity and its fallout. But I know it hurts our kiddos. I need to do what’s best for them when it comes to him for at least the next 15 years….

So I’ve decided he’s not my ex anymore. No this does not mean I want to get back together. At all. It means I try to think of him as my co-parent. Sometimes parallel parent. Thinking of him that way feels less painful. When I talk about him it’s in reference to the kids. I talk about their dad instead of my ex-husband.

I even had a moment of thinking about PotatoFace. The automatic thought was that she better be a really good fucking stepmom so I can be okay with her being around my kids. It was not thinking of her as my ex’s mistress, or a home wrecker, or morally repugnant twat waffle. Just a woman that better step up if she wants me to accept her as step mom.

It feels good to let go of some of the anger, bitterness, and hurt a little bit at a time.


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