W is for…

W is for Wonder Woman. I know at this point the sentiment is cliche but I feel like handling all the things I do makes me Wonder Woman. I’ve kept the marital home and refinanced in my name alone, got a new job, leading a new car, doing a lot of work in my own therapy, and working on my patience with the kids. 

X is for x-husband. Dealing with him on an ongoing basis is pretty eye opening to me. I was in such denial about who he was. Now I’m seeing and it makes me sad that I was with him EXCEPT I have two incredible kiddos. 

Y is for years. I spent years with my X trying to make us into something we weren’t and being miserable. Now I have years to be in charge of my happiness, be in a happy, loving marriage. 

Z is for zombies. I love the Walking Dead. I started watching when I was dating Sparky with him. NASA watches it too. Because it’s a dark show with a twisted sense of humor it’s basically a necessity with any guy I date. 


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