Q is for….

Q is for quality because my quality of life as a single mom is much different, much better. I won’t tolerate people, things, and ideas that don’t add to my quality of life. 

R is for running. I’m a long distance runner.  Running helps me process thoughts and feelings. It helps me stay in shape. It helped me survive my divorce and handle being a single mom. 

S is for S-girl. NASA’s other daughter’s name starts with an S. she is almost 14 years old. She’s going to be in high school in the fall. This TERRIFIES me. A high school stepdaughter. On the other hand she loves a lot of things I do. She’s in drama club at school, is smart, enjoys reading especially Harry Potter, and sounds awesome. While I’m terrified to meet her I’m also probably the most excited to meet her as well. 

T is for twins. I don’t have twins. NASA doesn’t have twins but both of our sons are two years old. Both boys like cleaning, cars, and balls. I can imagine they’ll be great friends if and when they get to meet. 

U is for utterly insane. That’s how it seems sometimes to have 5 kids in a blended house. Insane. 

V is for validation. I typically require a lot of validation with things from my clothing choices to parenting styles. Since the split, I have learned to rely on myself and not doubt my choices. I don’t need as much external validation because I’m validating myself. Very liberating. 


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