AtoZ challenge catch up

E is for excitement. The tiny things that still are exciting like NASA surprising me with flowers or feeling sparks every time we kiss or just things that I didn’t know would still excite me now. 

F is for flowers. When NASA and I had been dating a month he surprised me with flowers. It was so wonderfully sweet. I like that his actions shows he cares and wants to treat me special. 

G is for grown up. Now that I’m dating as a single mom I want any guy I date to be a grown up. Handle your own shit. Take responsibility when you mess up. Try to act maturely. 

H is for handsome. I call NASA handsome quite often and he has a hard time accepting that compliment and most compliments. He’s said I the nicest things he’s ever heard to him. I believe that both people despite gender need to be treated well in a relationship. I feel like a princess with NASA and I want him to feel like a prince. 


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