My Angels

So I’ve been in a funk for a few days. Things not going right or the way that I want them to. I spoke with my best friend yesterday and that helped a bit but also made me feel more alone. Yesterday I left work and decided to forgo the gym so I could get some sleep. I sleep although not peacefully. 

Still in a funk this morning. Lots of feeling coming up for me. I had supervision so I was trekking my way across the metro area when I looked down and saw I had “0” miles to empty. Yup. No miles left. I was in a panic as I was on the freeway and it was a mile until the closest exit. Even after that exit I wasn’t sure how close the closest gas station would be. I did make it to a gas station a little over 2 miles later. 

As I sat stunned that I made it to the gas station I remembered last night when I got home my car said I had 6 miles to empty. I had driven 24 miles so far that morning. No way was that a coincidence. I felt my angels were reminding me that I was with them this morning and all the time. 

After this I said a little thank you and several situations that I’ve been worried about worked themselves out. Sometimes I think that my angels get a bit frustrated with me for not having more faith. I just need to remember to take a deep breath and believe that God is good…all the time. 


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