To my sunshine girl on her 6th birthday

Dear babydoll,

I love you so much. I can’t believe you were six years old already! You have brought so much light and love into my life. You have made me do proud with all of your accomplishments. I recall when you were a tiny baby and now you’re writing sentences and counting by 2’s and 5’s. You get yourself dressed in the most eclectic outfits. You solve some big kid problems by yourself with such grace. 

Speaking of problems, I’m so sorry your dad and I got divorced. I never wanted you to have a broken family like I did. Your dad and I are working on providing you with the best family we can. I hope you know we loved each other so much we made you. That is why part of me will always care about your dad. I wish that time washes away the sad/bad/scary/mad memories you have from our divorce. I know that better things are to come for all of us one day.

Birthday girl you have so many amazing qualities like your silliness. I love the way you post for the camera with your many expressions. I love your deep thoughtful questions. You blow mind mind with the profoundness of some, like wondering about the afterlife. I adore your creative side whether you are singing or dancing or making up a story with your “magination”. Your sass makes me smile (when I’m not pulling my hair out). A favorite story is when you were so mad at me. You had the meanest scowl in your face looked at me and sneered “swear” because you thought that is how you swear at people. 

Pumpkin the quality I cherish most about you is the fierceness that you love others. You give love so freely. Today for your birthday treats you wanted to make sure that all of your teachers got a cupcake. You are wild but if your brother gets hurt you make sure he is okay. You always tell me and Joey that you love us “too much”. Baby I love you too much. I’m so happy you picked me to be your mom. 

Love mommy 


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