Stephanie C

Wednesday’s are going to be my days to celebrate the wonderful strong woman in my life in one capacity or another. 

My first nomination is Stephanie C. She is a former coworker of mine that I think my guardian angel personally sent to me. Stephanie over heard me talking about Mr Lemon one day and asked if I had been cheated on. At this point I was in denial but definitely a dark point in my life. Stephanie has been like a big sister/mentor with her advice and wisdom. We both had our first marriages end due to infidelity on our ex husbands part while having very young children.

Stephanie has given me so much hope when she talks about her life now. Being very happily remarried. A house full of 1-6 kids. Being able to peacefully coparent. She has also let me vent and cry and be bitter about my situation while giving me fantastic sisterly advice. Her going through emotional hell, coming out the other side, then helping others get through the same hell is why she is my first choice for Wednesday Wonder Woman. 


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