imageMy heart has felt so heavy lately. I’ve been moving forward and healing but still heavy. There has been so much negativity in the news lately. The Stanford rape case. The shooting at the gay club in Orlando. Most recently the little boy who was killed by an alligator at Disney. The heaviness is not in these events is not in the events, but people’s response to them.

So much negativity, hate, and blame. When people are so quick to spread hate, instead of empathy and love. I keep thinking about the parents of that poor little boy. How they just wanted to take their kids to Disney World to make amazing memories. How the happiest day and place turned into a nightmare. Now all this hate and blame is being put on the parents. How their healing could be slowed because of other people’s issues.

Then I thought about my shit-uation. Thinking about how I still have so much hurt because of Mr Lemon and PotatoFace. I want so much to get rid of my pain but I keep lashing out at MrLemon. I know that hurting them won’t help me heal. I need to forgive them and myself. I know that I have started the process of forgiving but so much more to go. Ironically at my divorce support group we were talking about forgiveness. So again I feel like the universe has placed me exactly where I need to be. Trying to remember to act out of love instead of negativity.


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