Phoenix rising from firey ashes

Focusing on myself is hard. I think I’d rather get a root canal than focus on myself. That being said I am working on focusing on myself. Things have cooled off or are maybe over with me and sparky so I have more time to focus on myself. Yesterday I went to a divorce recovery group. It was interesting. I realize how strong I am and how much I’ve already healed. Not that I am done healing but it was still nice to know.

I have a few things I have on my self healing list including dating myself, write vows to myself, and purge some things. So last night I had a ceremony of burning old birthday and anniversary cards with a good cry. Then I ate some ice cream while writing vows. I was focusing on myself and it felt great.

Allowing myself to break down and grieve gives way to me releasing my pain to God. It allows me to heal and truly get rid of the pain, sadness, and heaviness that I feel from everything that has happened. It is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. image


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