imageThis past Sunday was my wedding anniversary. Six years of marriage and eight and a half years of relationship to Mr Lemon and in less than three weeks it will be over and dissolved. Part of me is still heavily grieving the loss of my family/plans/dreams. Part of me is mourning all the memories good and bad I have with him. Facebook is definitely making sure I remember it all. Part of me is eager to get rid of the heavy, painful, negative emotions. Part of me feels…stronger as if I know I can do this. I know and can feel that I’ll be okay. I’ll be happy and healthy.

For now I still need to do the hard work. I have my wedding dress in the trunk of my car to donate to turn into stillborn burial gowns. My amazing friend Stephanie told me to write vows to myself. My soul sister Veronica recommended a good cry to get all the ugly emotions out. My therapist had me make a list of qualities of my ideal guy and deal breakers I have. In any case it’s time to focus on me and my kiddos.


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