A to Z challenge: anxiety, breakfast, and children

imageA is for anxiety. Anxiety has gripped me my entire life. Even very early memories I can recall feeling the dread of worry entangle my being. In therapy we talk about attachment and anxiety. How my early life has set me up for a lot of unhealthy patterns to be played out. I use my coping skills, reframe my thoughts, and try to be more gentle with myself. I also have discovered new triggers to anxiety including dairy and not being able control or handle people/situations.

B is for breakfast. Breakfast is the best because I love all breakfast foods. Waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon. It’s all so yummy. I love having the time to sit with my kiddos and talk about the day and plans and just lazily enjoy each other’s company.

C is for children. I have two of my own this far. I love my kiddos. They are the best and I’ve always wanted to have at least three but could see myself having two more. Another pair of kids with my next husband. More love. More challenges. More opportunities to grow and change. More sick days. More sloppy kisses and neck squeezes. More Halloween costumes. More excited kids on Christmas. Yup. Children are the best.


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