11 weeks

I can hardly believe that it’s been 11 weeks since I figuratively ended my marriage. It seems like forever ago but also like it was yesterday. I feel like a completely different person than I was. I feel like me again more and more. I feel like I got my sparkle back. I’m learning a lot about myself in therapy. I’m spending time with and attracting healthy people into my life. I’m beginning to feel that even though my ex’s affair was the most excruciating thing to happen in grateful it did. I never would have ended my marriage otherwise. I’m starting to accept things as they are. I still have a lot of difficult moments but I have increasingly more moments of joy.

The biggest change is that I think the bitterness on top of my anger has melted away. I’m not filled with hatred when I think of my ex or potato face. More sadness and frustration. I’ve been crying less but feel like I’m being a lot more gentle with myself when I have moments of sadness or anger or even rage. I like who I’m becoming.


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