Slowly healing

I was luckily and able to have a long chat with a fellow blogger and coworker, Stephanie. She has been where I am but 5 years ago. She is able to impart her wisdom on me and she was also able to afterwards tell me how I am less bitter and healing. She said it makes her heart happy and I feel the same way. It was so great to get that feedback. I have all these expectations about getting divorced and healing from infidelity, but some are just not true for me.

This weekend I was dog sitting for my brother so all day Saturday and Sunday I was by myself for the most part. It was lovely. I binged on Netflix, and vegged out. I might have gotten completely wasted at 3 in the afternoon Saturday, took a nap, and woke up to a very therapeutic cry. This weekend was completely focused on me and my healing and it was great. I have changed and grown so much in the past year but especially the past 10 weeks. I cannot wait to see where I am in another 10 weeks!


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