Love, marriage, & soul mates

I don’t believe in soulmates anymore. Soulmates is the asinine idea that two people are magically drawn together and will effortlessly overcome any obstacle. That’s not how real life, real relationships work. That’s not how my marriage worked out. I don’t want to look for another “soulmate” because I think it’s a silly unrealistic idea.

I do want to get married again. I want to be head over heels in love again. I want to be married to someone who can be my partner and my equal. Someone who will fight with me, and comfort me and be crazy with me. Mostly I want someone who will work on our marriage and stand by me through anything.

My idea of romance is so much different now. I love the mundane day to day life events. I love simple things like holding hands in the car or dancing in the living room to our favorite song. I love having someone who puts the same effort and energy into the relationship that I do. The ironic part is my ex never did these things. I don’t think he ever slow danced with me in our living room or was silly with me. He sure as hell never worked on our marriage. That’s why when I get married again it won’t be to my soulmate. The next time I’m going to marry my partner. Partner in live. Partner in parenting. Partner in crime. Partner for life.


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