Valentine’s Day Date

I don’t even believe in Valentine’s Day, except that it’s a Hallmark holiday. I always like I do special things on V-day though. Last year my ex and I attended a couples lap dance class. THAT was fun!

This year is obviously different. I am going to be single for the first time in 9 years on Valentine’s. Instead of arguing with myself about it being a retail holiday, I’m going to be kind and gentle with myself.

Yes. That’s right. I am taking myself on a date. Now sure what I’m doing yet except dressing up being girly and going out while my ex watches the kids. I’m thinking movie and dessert. Maybe I’ll go sit in the hot tub at the gym in my bikini. Maybe I’ll find something silly to do. Maybe I’ll sit in my car and listen to my cheesy music I like. Point is I get to do what I want and I’m going to be nice and gentle with myself!! I’m really looking forward to this date.  I think I might be the one.


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