imageToday I had court to sever the legal bond to my ex. I was anxious and sad but only because of the clusterfuck mess our marriage has become. When I married him, it meant that I was going to be bonded to him forever; our souls entwined. The day that he admitted he was an emotional affair and then physical affair I was utterly destroyed I was crying so hard I couldn’t even get myself off the floor. The devestation and physical hurt I felt in my body from that bond being shattered.

However I have so many connections that are healthy and important and lifelong as well as many new connections that will be made. My connection with Veronica my soul sister we are so different but so alike. We talk through our disagreements and conflicts. We push each other to be better and support each other through rough spots.

My connection with Crystal my work BFF. From the moment we met we had a chemistry that we were friends in a past life. Our lives seem to be on similar paths. Our attitudes about life, love, and bullshit at work are so in sync. My connection with Sparky.  Even though I don’t know what it is or what it will be, he makes me smile and laugh. Talking to him feels easy, natural, and fun. That’s what I need right now is happy and healthy connections. Although I have a million more connections I could mention. I also need to sleep. Good night dear readers.


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