My tribe

This blog is my thank you speech. The people I want to thank for being there for me throughout things but especially in the past seven months of shit sandwiches. First of all I want to thank my soul sister Veronica who is everything to me my big sister, my best friend, my role model, my yogi, and cheerleader. Everyone else is in no particular order.

Stephanie H my best mommy friend who has been by my side since our kiddos were born a week apart almost five years ago.

Crystal my work bestie for being there for me and understanding and going out drinking or to the gym with me

Cortney my ride or die girl I love you so much and while I’m sorry you’re going through the same shit sandwich I am I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful person (inside and out) to go through it

Amanda I literally don’t think I would have made it through this if not for our Friday runs

John and Christine thanks for being my family and not just my relatives 💖

Takeisha you’re my big, unbiological sister. You want to kick ass more than I do and I love you for it

Sparky (my nickname for my crush) for being you and being able to make me smile and laugh and feel likable again

Angela for being a kick ass friend and lawyer and helping me and my kids through the holidays

Heather N for being my friend for the past 23 years. Shit! We’re old. Inger and Bob for being my pseudo parents at times, letting me live in your basement, and babysitting my sweet babies

Heather C for being my personality twin  and knowing I’m not the only one like me

Stephanie VC my friend who a veteran survivor of infidelity and answer my 101 questions about healing, surviving, and moving on

Lacey, Gina, Marie, Mary for supporting me and continuing to be family to me and the kids💖💜

Allison, Shaune, Erin, Dawn, Emily, Jen SA, Jenna, Christin, Molly, Caroline, Earl, and Stacy for asking about me and being supportive at work when there’s already a ton of clients and too much to do

Finally to Colby, Ebony, Jill, Jen M, Timary, Lil, Alex, and all the friends who I talk to once in a blue moon but have checked up on me thanks for reminding that I matter to more people than I know.



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