Learning and moving on

imageAs I go through the divorce process, I realize the amount of stress and shit I have in my life. My goal is to sparkle and move forward though. I don’t want to be bitter; I want to be better. I think about the things that I’ve learned from my marriage so that the next relationship is better. I’ve learned to balance kids and couple and me time or that I need to do a better job with it. I’ve learned open, honest communication from the start is key. I’ve learned boundaries not only from my significant other but also the people around us are essential. I’ve learned it’s important to have shared goals and be able to work together as well as have fun together. I’ve learned I can be intense and to be aware of it but also I need to be more vulnerable and let other people in. I learned I don’t need to be the strong one all the time.

Going forward I have goals to help with the sparkles and focus on me and how I choose my life to be

  • I want to have more kid(s) maybe biological maybe adopted maybe both but not too many kids😜
  • I want to keep the house but make it mine
  • I want to get married again
  • I want to exchange vows in the backyard
  • I want to go on one big trip each year
  • I want to keep running races and one day a full marathon.
  • I want to surround myself with lovely people.
  • I want to go to Europe one day
  • I want to be with a man who  is a true partner to me
  • I want to be with a man that makes me feel beautiful and safe
  • I want to sparkle and help my kids sparkle and once I ha e a man to help him spark/fire.

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